Correction to the 'Lanka Truth' Story

Apr 7 (IL) Dear Web Master

You have carried a news item in your prestigeous News Room from Lanka Truth which is untrue and baseless. It says Messrs Thilak Karunaratne and Champika Ranawaka would enter to the parliament on the national list of JHU. It further states that Ven Omalpe Sobhitha thero objected to the move. This is also untrue. Such an objection never arised since nobody proposed to appoint Messrs Karunaratne and Ranawaka to the parliament. They never want to enter to the parliament on the votes taken by the monks. We emphasise that as we promised in the election campaign, JHU will name only the Buddhist monks to the parliament.

Kindly get verified from an independent source before publishing news items from the JVP maintained Lanka Truth website since it has vicious ulterior motives. Otherwise, it would ruin your reputation as a reliable news website. Please be kind enough to carry correction on this matter, since general public has commenced to inquire this from the leading contested Buddhist monks quoting Info Lanka.

Your kind attention and early response would greatly be appreciated.

Udaya P Gammanpila
Deputy Secretary
Jatika Hela Urumaya