Two coal power plants courtesy the drought

Mar 22 (IL) The UNF government which has pledged to set up two coal power plants in its latest election manifesto, has already sought Malaysian and Chinese assistance to carry out a feasibility study in Hambantota.

The southern town has been currently chosen as the 'most suitable' location for the vital plant to beat the drought.

A delegation comprising Malaysian and Chinese officials was in Sri Lanka recently to discuss matters relating to the setting up of the coal plant in Hambantota.

However the Ministry of Power and Energy has ruled out the setting up of any such plants in Trincomalee mainly due to opposition from politicians in the area, sources said.

Meanwhile CEB Chairman M. Zubair said the Board was making significant progress, regarding the setting up of the coal power plant, but declined to elaborate.

He said it was too early to make detailed comments until they recieved the feasibility report.