GL challenges JVP-SLFP Alliance on job issues

Mar 2 (IL) Cabinet spokesman Prof. G.L. Peiris challenged the JVP/SLFP Alliance to spell out where they will find the many jobs that will be needed in the next ten years.

Prof. Peiris said, "In the next ten years the country will have to create 3 million jobs if we are to keep up with the rise in the population and school-leavers".

He said the UNP had laid out a programme called 'Regaining Sri Lanka' which shows how this will be achieved.

The recently launched document called the '10 Year Physical Infrastructure Plan' outlines the many new projects that were being planned bringing in real jobs to the people all over the country.

"However, all we have heard from the JVP/SLFP alliance so far is promises of 35,000 jobs for graduates and 20,000 jobs elsewhere. All these jobs have been promised before but never delivered.

Every time the JVP/SLFP Alliance makes such promises they talk about finding jobs in the public sector. But they cannot find all 3 million jobs that are needed by employing people in the public sector.

My challenge to the JVP/SLFP Alliance is to tell us exactly how they intend to find the other 2,945,000 jobs", Professor Peiris said. With us they know that the economy was growing and jobs were being created, not false promises but real jobs. So the people must choose.

Do they want more false promises or a future where all the people will be able to find work not just the favoured few," he concluded.