'Give just ten and watch the wonders' says EPDP

Mar 1 (IL) Eelam People's Democratic Party (EPDP), the main anti-LTTE Tamil political party yesterday called upon the Tamil community to give them 'just ten seats' in parliament and watch the 'wonders' they could do for the betterment of the community.

K. Vigneswaran, former MP and advisor to EPDP Leader Douglas Devananda said that his party did not need 15 seats in parliament to find a permanent solution to the ethnic conflict. "There must be a permanent political solution to the conflict within the first two years of the next government," he said adding "if there is a will there is always a way."

The EPDP will contest the whole of the North-East province and the Colombo district at the forthcoming general election on April 2. "The so-called Tamil National Alliance (TNA) which secured 15 seats in Parliament at the last election failed to control the LTTE and allowed them to have their way according to their whims and fancies," he alleged.

He pointed out that if the people gave his party the necessary mandate they will be able to achieve the much required solution to the conflict at the shortest possible time and also carry out the necessary development work mainly in the North-East province.

Mr. Vigneswaran who is contesting from Trincomalee under the EPDP ticket, stressed that not a single member of the TNA ever condemned LTTE acts such as child recruitment, political killings and extortions which were the main issues faced by the Tamil people. His party was always firm that the only way to solve the conflict was through negotiations with all relevant parties, he added.