Puthrasigamani joins Ceylon Workers Congress

Feb 13 (IL) Former Opposition National List MP V. Puthrasigamani has decided to contest under the Ceylon Workers Congress (CWC) banner at the election. Mr. Puthrasigamani's decision to join the CWC has been attributed to his disappointment with his party after they held a massive demonstration on the day of the Deepavali festival, an important religious festival celebrated by Hindus all over the world.

The former National List MP also a backbencher, then occupied a seat in Parliament with the Tamil National Alliance members as a mark of protest against his party following the decision to hold a protest on Deepavali festival. He also underwent a disciplinary inquiry by his party, due to his actions.

The former backbencher met with CWC leader Arumugam Thondaman on Tuesday night where he discussed matters pertaining to his contesting the forthcoming election under the estate party banner. Sources also claimed that even though Puthrasigamani had got several invitations from other political parties calling him to join them, he had decided to support the CWC as the rights of the estate workers was still a forgotten subject.

The Opposition backbencher soon after the 'protest-Deepavali' incident reportedly said he was 'disgusted' and 'deeply disturbed' over the PA's attitude of not willing to honour the feelings and sentiments of the Hindus of the country.

"The People's Alliance of late has become insensitive to minority issues. The protest organised on a day when the Hindus the world over celebrate one of the most important religious events is a clear indication that the PA that claims to be a national political party has no feelings for the minority. Repeated appeals were made to the President, the general secretary and other relevant officials but to no avail," he had said in October last year.