No fuel for Batticaloa while Petroleum boss refuses to pay LTTE tax

Jan 12 (IL) The LTTE had allegedly banned the distribution of fuel to filling stations in the Batticaloa District from the Ceylon Petroleum Cooperation (CPC) installation in the district, security forces in Batticaloa said.

Security forces said LTTE leaders had informed the authorities at the Batticaloa deport of the CPC two days ago that they will not allow the distribution of fuel in the district unless a tax of 50 cents per litre of fuel is paid to the LTTE. Having heard of this order some drivers, who were transporting fuel from Colombo to Batticaloa, had returned to Colombo, sources said.

It is reported that the civilians are already facing hardships due to the acute shortage of fuel in the district. Only limited quantities of fuel were being issued from filling stations and public transport has been badly affected.Though acknowledging the fact that the LTTE had demanded a tax, the chairman of the CPC Daham Wimalasena refused to pay the tax demanded despite the hardships faced by civilians.