Imported liquor in Parliament: MP calls for inquiry

Jan 12 (IL) UNP Parliamentarian Sanjeewa Kaviratne has complained to the Secretary General of Parliament Priyani Wijesinghe that a high-ranking parliamentary official has brought 31 bottles of imported liquor to his office in the parliamentary complex.

In a letter to the Secretary General, MP Kaviratne also stated that he had received reliable information that these bottles had been brought to the parliamentary complex soon after a function held at the Speaker's residence, reportedly an event held to celebrate the government's presentation of the budget.

Mr. Kaviratne has requested the Secretary General Wijesinghe to hold an impartial inquiry into the incident and take necessary action against the officer involved.The MP told said that the officer concerned had not permitted the security to carry out their standard checks the day he had brought in the imported bottles of liquor to the complex.