'Puttalam has made vast strides in development’

Dec 29 (IL) Parliamentary Affairs Minister A. H. M. Azwer speaking on implementing projects with money allocations through the de-centralized budget said that money in the Puttalam district has been utilized without political bias.

"The Puttalam District had made vast strides during the year 2003 in implementing development programmes through the respective de-centralized budget allocating to members of Parliament for the various districts. Over 15% of the programmes had been implemented", he said.

Minister Azwer chaired the monthly meeting of the Puttalam District Development Committee held at the Kachcheri Auditorium.

He said that the District Secretaries of the districts should be commended for achieving this success. Puttalam thereby obtained perhaps the first place in the entire island in this respect.

The MPs representing the Puttalam District have shed their political differences and cooperated for the successful implementation of the projects, he said. All the officials of various departments and Government Institutions also laboured hard which enabled the successful implementation of the programme of the work in this year.

Minister Azwer said that according to the new 'Regaining of Sri Lanka' concept of Prime Minister there will be mini cabinets will be formed in every Districts entrusting the subjects of development to each MP representing the respective districts.