Local hoteliers wins UK Autism Travel awards

Dec 6 (IL) The first ever Autism Awareness Campaign UK South Asia Travel Awards went to Sri Lanka. The awards presentation took place at the World Travel Market at London.

2003 is the European Year for People with disabilities. Ivan Corea, Chairman of the Autism Awareness Campaign urged the global travel industry to reach out to all people with disabilities including children and adults with Autism and Asperger's Syndrome. 'The buying power of people with disabilities in the UK amounts to 50 billion pounds - it is a sum that the global travel industry cannot ignore or launch at - the travel industry needs to tap this market - people with disabilities do go on holiday, said Corea speaking to the travel media at WTM in London.

He commended Sri Lanka for initiating new Disability Laws and for reaching out to families with Autism who come on holiday to the country. 'Sri Lanka is proving to be a popular destination for people with disabilities and the tourism industry on the island is reaching out to this group,' noted Corea.

The South Asia Travel awards went to Sri Lankan Airlines, Jetwing Family of Hotels, Aitken Spence Hotels, Colombo Hilton Hotel and the Galadari Hotel.