Army expects LTTE to honour its commitments

Nov 27 (IL) Reports emanating from the North and the East confirm that LTTE, despite commitments made to the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission (SLMM), continue to erect provocative billboards, LTTE cut-outs depicting Eelam maps and different structures that obstruct the passage of public roads, Army Headquarters said.

The LTTE, during recent discussions prior to these incidents, attended by authorities of the Security Forces (Jaffna and Wanni) and SLMM representatives unanimously agreed that they (LTTE) would not erect LTTE structures obstructing highways, display provocative billboards, cut-outs with LTTE's Eelam maps and provocative statements with Eelam maps, hoist LTTE flags atop public buildings, inside schools and also on public vehicles, etc. The LTTE further agreed that school children during their school sessions would not be deployed in LTTE propaganda work either, the press release stated.

It further said "However, a chain of incidents unfolding particularly in some areas in Jaffna, Vavuniya, Murunkan and Mannar during past few days reinforce the conviction that some LTTE men disregard undertaken assurances over disputed LTTE structures, defying its commitments.

“During several instances in Mannar, Jaffna and Vavuniya, troops showed restraint and took steps to remove these unauthorized and provocative structures in consultation with SLMM and the Police but the LTTE appears to be taking no notice of the concerns expressed by the SLMM and continues to re-erect them in some instances.

A fresh round of talks on the same subject between Security Forces and the LTTE was also held this afternoon (25) in Vavuniya’s SLMM District office. “It is expected that LTTE men, who have already commenced exchange of views with Security Forces in the northeast, would continue to honour and abide by their commitments and assurances given to the SLMM as regards above matters of concern”.