Tamil political party crisis continues

Nov 26 (IL) The Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF) faction, which is campaigning for the removal of the party's President V. Anandasangaree, citing reasons for their action said that the TULF President should be ousted as he had failed to fall in with the Tamil political line.

TULF Vice President Joseph Pararajasingham however failed to give further details on his claim, but said, "I will give details after our Central Committee meeting on Sunday (30th), he said.

Sources said that several senior TULF members who are campaigning for Mr. Anandasangaree's removal is trying to obtain a sufficient number of central committee members to vote on Sunday for the removal of the TULF president.

Mr. Pararajasingham also claimed that Mr. Anandasangaree had failed to corporate with the Tamil National Alliance. The TULF is the largest constituent in the alliance with seven MPs.

However, Tamil sources alleged that a faction of the party was trying to remove Mr. Anandasangaree, as he was vociferous, and sees the LTTE in a negative way. "He is very outspoken and he has made several statements which are against the LTTE, and the LTTE through certain elements trying to oust him," sources said.

Meanwhile a more sterner TULF President has urged all TULF members who act contrary to the party's principles to leave the party without destroying it or bringing discredit to the party which had stood for high principles through out its 30 years of existence.

In a letter to the party's vice president Mr. Pararajasingham, the TULF president maintained that he did not propose to resign from his present post until they prove that he had violated any party principle.

"Please don't think that I am holding any office by unfair or foul means. The office that I am now holding fell on me after a long period of 30 years of service to the party and due to the hard work I did for the party," he stated in the letter. Adding that he would live and work for it till he breathes his last.