NCC calls for 'spirit and compromise'

Nov 12 (InfoLanka) The National Christian Council of Sri Lanka has called on the President and the Prime Minister to end the present political impasse through dialogue, in a spirit of consensus and compromise.

A statement by the National Christian Council said: The National Christian Council of Sri Lanka expresses its concern at the very recent turn of political events that have occurred in the country. We are in an important political juncture in the history of our island. The crisis precipitated by the recent events warrants careful and cautious handling by all parties in the political spectrum. They should only act with the welfare of the people foremost in their minds. Seeking political advantage at this juncture will ultimately victimise the ordinary masses of our country. The need of the hour is to seek ways and means of consensual political for it is obvious that the present impasse cannot be resolved by confrontational means.

The Council therefore earnestly appeals to Her Excellency the President and the Honourable Prime Minister to resolve the same through dialogue, in a spirit of consensus and compromise. The present situation warrants a new phase of positive and active partnership between the two main political parties in the island in order to ensure the ultimate good of the vast majority of people whom they represent and govern.

It also urges the President the Prime Minister and LTTE to remain committed to the Ceasefire Agreement and to return from actions that may jeopardize the peace process or precipitate a return to violence and tensions. It is important that they collectively re-affirm their commitment to solve the problems and differences through dialogue rather than resort to war and violence, however difficult the path to a final solution may be.

It calls on all people to act with diligence and draw on their own spiritual resources to urge the main political parties to work together at this crucial moment.