Azwer praises NGO's services

Nov 11 (InfoLanka) "The UNF government has launched a skillfully formulated programme to develop the country extensively. The budget that would be presented before the Parliament would silence the critics of the government" said Minister A.H.M.Azwer.

He was speaking at the inauguration of an Electricity scheme and a pre school building constructed by CARE under their resettlement and reconstruction programme in the village of Eluwankulam in the Puttalam district.

The Minister said this day's programme at Eluwankulam village rekindles the minds of the people in this village of the reign of terror they went through as a result of constant attacks from the Tigers.

The people had to abandon the village in 1993, but today they have been happily resettled and the government has supplied them with electricity to brighten their lives.

Referring to the participation of Rev. Buddhiyansage Sangaratna Thera the Minister stressed on the contribution the respected Sanga has made towards the CARE programme.

"The JVP who wants to destroy development is always critical of NGO's. They do nothing but criticise and destabilise the established life pattern of the people and they have identified them as evil forces. They see evil and they do evil. The supply of electricity and the opening of a pre school speak well of NGOs like CARE who could provide immense benefits to our country." he said.

He said the poor masses of this country are greatly indebted to such NGOs who perform selfless and meritorious services for the well being of the poor and the needy.

Paying tribute to the NGOs Minister Azwer said within 12 months and 10 days these two projects were completed.

This is how the present government is working for the benefit of the people. Our leader Ranil Wickremesinghe is like the rock of Gibraltar, who does not get swayed by the barks of dogs and howls of wolves.

He has a clear vision to take the country to its cherished goal with the blessings of all the sections of people of the country. Therefore people can have confidence in him.

Mr. Palitha Ranga Bandara MP, M.I.B. Hafi Wayamba Provincial councillor, A Jayasinghe AGA, Wanathawillu, Mr. A.M. Najeem member P.S., Mr. Wijesuriya of CARE and several other members addressed the gathering.

The CARE has undertaken to bear the cost of electricity to the mosque, church and the pre-school..