Raviraj slams CBK for SLMM remark

Oct 30 (InfoLanka) A Tamil National Alliance parliamentarian said that the President's demand that the head of the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission be removed was contrary to the spirit of the ceasefire agreement and if war broke out as a result of her short-sighted policy, she should be held responsible for it.

Jaffna district's TNA parliamentarian N. Raviraj said that the statement made by the President without consulting the government revealed her desire to resume the war again.

"If the SLMM leader had done any thing wrong, a decision should have been taken only after an inquiry," he said.

Mr. Raviraj said uncertainties regarding the future of the peace process had cropped up due to the President's orders to the armed forces chief not to take the advice of the SLMM Chief Tryggve Teleffsen.