Young entrepreneurs honoured

Oct 14 (InfoLanka) Young Entrepreneurs Sri Lanka (YESL) member nation and franchise holder of the Junior Achievement International (JAI), the world’s largest and fastest growing business and economic education programme spread over 112 countries, held its annual awards ceremony today at the BMICH.

Commerce and Consumer Affairs Minister Ravi Karunanayake was the chief guest. A trade fair and exhibition was held from 1.30 p.m. to 4.30 p.m. .

The YESL at present covers 30,000 students in Sri Lanka and helps children to set up their own companies, appoint a Board of Directors - comprising a President, Finance, Marketing, Production and Human Resource Directors decide on products, raise capital, operate Bank Accounts and run a true to life business, declare dividends and even liquidate the Company after one year. They learn to work as a team, build confidence, using English as a common language to integrate with the Global Economy.

Among the awards presented today were for the Most Outstanding Young Entrepreneurs involved in the popular Company Programme, Outstanding Young Entrepreneurs, most outstanding president of the school companies, directors, Best Business Plan, Best Product, Best Annual Report, the Most Outstanding School Principal supporting the Program, the Most Outstanding School Teacher, Runners up Awards and Certificates of Merit.

YESL mission is to provide young Sri Lankans with practical economic and business education programmes and help them to be entrepreneurs and be world force ready and understand ;- the importance of market-driven economies; the role of business in a global economy; the commitment of business to environmental and social issues; the commitment of business to operate in an ethical manner; the relevance of education in the workplace; and, the impact of economics on their future.