Fifth anniversary of the Asian e-novel

Oct 6 (InfoLanka) October 15th, 2003, marks the 5th Anniversary of the First Electronic Novel from Asia , the saadhu testament, by daya dissanayake.

The website where the saadhu testament is available for free reading, was designed by Raditha Dissanayake, and also contains information about Sri Lanka, Sigiriya and links to many other useful and interesting sites, and is visited daily by peple from all over the world.

Kat bitha, the first book by daya dissanayake, received the State Literary Award for the Best English Novel for 1998. kat bitha is based on Kasyapa's Sigiriya of the 5th century seen through the eyes of a young Buddhist monk of the 10th century.

The saadhu testment is the 2nd novel to be published by daya dissanayake.

The third novel, the healer & the drug pusher, was published in 2000, by, and happens to be the First Novel to be published using Print-on-Demand technology. The novel was serialized in the Sunday Island in 2001. It is a novel based around the Health Care System in 10th century Sri Lanka, told around a Buddhist Monastery and hospital in Jaffna and an eye hospital in the South.