Mark the prices on essential products

Aug 29 (InfoLanka) The government has made it mandatory for manufacturers and Traders to mark retail prices on 34 essential items under section 10(1) of Consumer Affairs Authority Act.

In an extraordinary gazette notification the CAA Chairperson Seetha Wimalsena had issued the directive making it mandatory for manufacturers, traders to mark the maximum retail price, batch number and expiry date on the pack, container or the wrapper.

Following are the 34 items: meat and meat products, fish and other seafood, edible oil, tea, coffee seed and powder, chocolates, chutney, pickles and saucers, milk powder, condensed milk, infant food, biscuits, cement, agricultural fertilizer, agro chemicals, aerated water, canned fish, ice cream, chilly powder, coriander powder, curry powder, Turmeric powder in packs or containers, paints, varnish and solvents used in the building industry, domestic antiseptics in containers, etc.