The concerned Professionals

May 14 (InfoLanka)     Lauding the salutary results of the strenuous efforts made to achieve and maintain a cessation of hostilities in the country, the Organization of Professional Association of Sri Lanka (OPA) expressed its grave concern on the apparent brake down in the peace talks.

In a statement issued yesterday, the OPA stated that the contributory cause, which led to the misunderstanding and to the breakdown in the peace talks, was the failure to publicize adequately the issues discussed and the areas of agreement and or disagreements.

The statement made in Parliament by the Prime Minister is clearly a step towards remedying this lapse and we urge that such statements be made regularly. Beside such statements, we urge that weekly statements on the progress made be issued by the Peace Secretariat and given wide publicity both here and abroad.  

Another matter of concern is the killing of the Tamils of Political parties other than the LTTE and alleged informants and the increasing inter-racial conflicts. The need for the two major political parties represented in the Parliament to participate in this peace process is becoming increasingly urgent. We therefore urge that the two parties be involved in this peace process without further delay, the OPA said.

The association added that when negotiating a federal system of government the democratic rights should prevail for the people of all races, caste and religions and the Security Forces of the Country should be a single sovereign entity.