Follow the footsteps of the prophet to usher in peace: Prime Minister

May 14 (InfoLanka) The Muslims in Sri Lanka join their brethren in the rest of the world in celebrating the birth of the Holy Prophet Muhammad today. The Holy Prophet changed the course of history for the better through his teachings and exemplary conduct.

The very meaning of the word Islam is peace, therefore Muslims are firstly apostles of peace. The holy prophet consciously promoted brotherhood among fellow men and justice and mutual goodwill among all religions and communities. His vision was for all mankind and his life was a model of spiritual, material, moral, political and economic endeavour. We in Sri Lanka can draw many lessons from his examples, beset with conflict and rancour for two decades, to reach the elusive goal of peace, and to usher in prosperity.

I am happy to be able to send this message on this occasion when peace prevails in the country. The government considers the Meelad Un Nabi, birth celebrations a national event and hence a national holiday.

My appeal to all Muslims of Sri Lanka on this hallowed day is to follow the footpath of the Holy Prophet and his teachings and strive against all odds to achieve peace in our motherland.