Muslim unity takes new twist

May 12 (InfoLanka)   In a new twist to the so-called unification move among the three main Muslim groups, the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress rebel group called the Athaullah Faction has received a letter on Friday, from an unknown party but believed to be the Hakeem group, emphasising the immediate need for unity among the three parties with a view to pressurise the government to win the demands of the Muslim community.

The Muslim groups, are the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (Hakeem's faction) National Unity Alliance and the Athaullah faction of the rebel SLMCers now known as the Ashraff Congress.

A letter has been faxed to the Secretary General of the Ashraff Congress A.L.M. Hafrath on Friday, believed to be from the office of a very senior member of the Hakeem group. The letter makes it clear that unity among the three Muslim groups was essential, for the betterment of the people and to win the demands of the Muslim community, sources said.

Meanwhile Ashraff Congress (AC) leader S. Subairdeen confirmed that the party had received such a letter, but added that, the party cannot take it very seriously as there was no authenticity. "It had no letterhead nor was it signed by anyone."

Mr. Subairdeen reiterated that his group was ready for unification with the Hakeem group provided the few proposals submitted by them are accepted. The proposals are: the appointing of a Supreme Council or Leadership Council that would consist of five to nine members of the High Command who will in turn appoint the leader for the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress. Our other request was to curtail the powers of the leader who enjoys unlimited powers. This should be amended. The leadership should take decisions after consulting the Supreme or Leadership Council.