JVP demands disarment by LTTE

May 4 (InfoLanka) The government should agree to the removal of High Security Zones (HSZ) in the North, only if the LTTE agrees to disarm and let the Sinhalese and Muslims who were chased away by them be allowed to resettle in those respective areas in the North and East, the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna said yesterday.

The party’s General Secretary Tilvin Silva addressing a news conference in Colombo also slammed the government calling them a ‘backboneless government’, for not being able to put their foot down when the necessity arose, and for giving into every demand put forward by the Tigers.

“The LTTE claims that they want the HSZ’s removed so that the people in the North could lead a better and easier life, and it is necessary for the HSZ to be removed so that people could be resettled in those areas. If it is necessary to remove the HSZ so that the people could lead an easier life in the North or even if resettlement is necessary, then the government should demand the LTTE to first disarm, at least if not fully, to a certain extent,” Mr. Silva said.

He said that if the LTTE does not agree to disarm, then the government too should put its foot down and says that till the LTTE disarm, the government too will not remove or shift the HSZ. He added that another vital necessity was for the Tiger Theoretician Anton Balasingham to agree to resettle the Sinhalese and Muslims who were chased away by the Tigers, years ago during the war. “If they agree to these two conditions only that should the government agree to the removal or shifting of the HSZ.”

Mr. Silva said that, the government was unfortunately trying to woe the Tigers to the Peace table by giving into the Tiger’s every demand, without drawing the line when it was necessary.