JVP seeks CBK's intervention on HSZ

May 1 (InfoLanka) The JVP yesterday called on President Chandrika Kumaratunga to immediately intervene and take urgent measures to halt moves by the government to shrink the Jaffna High Security Zone.

"The LTTE claims that the reason for its request for the shifting of HSZ was purely to resettle people in those areas, the fact remains that but there are other cleared areas where resettlement is yet to begin," the party said in a statement while slamming the government decision as a threat to national security.

"What the LTTE wants is to restrict the security forces to a small area in the North, which would then result in the LTTE having more control in these areas. The LTTE calls for the removal of the HSZs while it maintains several HSZs, some of which extends upto seven miles in length. No civilian can enter these 'LTTE HSZs'," the party said.

It also alleged that the government was now giving into every demand of the LTTE in a bid to get the Tigers back to the negotiating table.