They want to disrupt peace process

Apr 23 (InfoLanka) The ruling United National Party yesterday charged that a section of the opposition SLFP and the JVP were in the process of forming an alliance to disrupt the peace process.

In a statement, the party described the SLFP-JVP talks at forming a grand alliance as an opportunistic move aimed at dragging the country back to war.

"They make every effort to create war by disrupting the peace programme. This is why they make no mention about a solution to the ethnic issue in their talks. Those who depend on commissions from arms dealers always entertain war. Death of thousands of young men and women in the battle field is not a matter of concern for them as long as their own kith and kin are safe," the party said.

In an obvious reference to the JVP, the statement said they engaged in acts of disruption until the Indian Peace Keeping Force left Sri Lanka because they wanted to bring war.

The statement said a majority of Sri Lankans detest war and wanted permanent peace reached through peaceful negotiations. Even President Kumaratunga in a statement she made in Bangladesh stressed the need for a peaceful solution through negotiations, the UNP said.

"If the peace process is disrupted, ordinary people will have to suffer the evils of war. Loss of lives and an economics crisis will bring the country to an abyss. While the ordinary people suffer, opportunists will achieve their narrow political objectives," the UNP said warning the people to be wary of the opportunists.