JVP in action again

Feb 18 (InfoLanka) The Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna yesterday called upon all patriotic Sri Lankans, to join hands and take part in a massive protest rally organised by them on Thursday evening, against the "one year celebrations of the so-called ceasefire agreement and to banish Ranil, G.L. and Milinda from the country."

In statement issued yesterday the Politburo of the JVP stated "the ceasefire agreement signed between the LTTE and government, has only resulted in giving equal status to a savage terrorist organisation." The JVP also alleges that even the Sri Lankan Army has accepted that the LTTE is running a separate administration in the North and East.

"They will divide the country, and form an Eelam state soon" it said.

"This government took the LTTE to international conferences in Oslo, and gave it international recognition and US $ 85 million to spend according to its own whims and fancies. According to President Kumaratunga, the LTTE has during the past year got down five shipments of arms to the country, for its use. With the intervention of the Norwegian Ambassador, the LTTE has imported radio equipment for its use," it alleged.

The JVP said all this took place because of the "traitorous cease-fire-agreement."