IMEXPRO 2003, thanks to peace

Feb 18 (InfoLanka) An international trade fair, "Imexpro 2003" will be held in Sri Lanka from March 30 to April 1, at the Sri Lanka Exhibition and Convention Centre.

Imexpro 2003 is expected to provide a boost to the promotion of exports and imports in Sri Lanka and take Sri Lanka forward to new heights in the globally competitive market.

The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, is organising this trade fair to coincide with the Indian Ocean Rim Association for Regional Co-operation (IOR-ARC) meeting, scheduled in Sri Lanka from March 29 to April 3. Imexpro 2003 will also mark the 164th anniversary of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Sri Lanka Export Development Board and The Board of Investment of Sri Lanka are joining the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce in presenting the international fair.

A large number of foreign trade delegations are planning to visit Sri Lanka to participate in Imexpro 2003.

In addition to the trade delegations from the 24 countries of the Indian Ocean Rim Association for Regional Co-operation (IOR-ARC) which are expected to participate in Imexpro 2003, delegations from several other countries too are making arrangements to visit Sri Lanka for this event. The countries are: The United Kingdom, Canada, Pakistan, Italy, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Myanmar, Syria, Finland, Norway, Dubai and Russia. A large contingent representing two business groupings in India and a delegation from the G 77 countries too will participate in Imexpro 2003.