Child recruitment continues

Feb 6 (InfoLanka) The EPDP yesterday accused the LTTE of continuing with abductions and child recruitment, irrespective of international pressure.

Citing a recent complain a mother of nine lodged with the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission, the EPDP said the LTTE had demanded the woman to hand over at least two of her children to the LTTE, if she wanted her eldest son, abducted 14 months ago, released.

In another incident that occurred last week in Trincomalee, the LTTE abductors who came in a three-wheeler are alleged to have abducted a 17-year-old girl from her Orr's Hill Central road residence, the EPDP said.

It also said a 14-year-old Akkaraipattu schoolboy who managed to escape from an LTTE camp last week was undergoing severe harassment from LTTE cadres, who were demanding that the parents give the boy back to them for arms training, the EPDP said.

The Vavuniya Human Rights Commission has received complaints about 14 incidents of children being abducted by the LTTE during last month alone.

Investigation Officer Rohitha Priyadharshana said these complaints were made by the parents of the abducted children and the Vavuniya HRC office had sent a report to its Colombo head office and the LTTE leadership in Kilinochchi.

"Parents and relatives of the abducted children plead with us to help find their children. It has become a common sight," Mr. Priyadharshana said.