A worried Communist

Feb 5 (InfoLanka) The Communist Party of Sri Lanka has expressed its grave concern at the attitude adopted by the United States over Iraq.

"Irrespective of the results of the UN weapons inspection team, regardless of growing concerns of the international community, heedless to the opinion of the United Nations, the United States appear to be determined to go to war against Iraq'', it said.

A press release issued by the party also says: "The head of the International Atomic Energy Agency in his report has stated categorically 'we have found no evidence that Iraq has revived its nuclear weapons programme since their elimination in the 1990s'.

"The inspectors could not find any evidence of weapons of mass destruction in spite of their inspections for over two months.

"The UN Secretary General has suggested more time to be given for further inspections.

"However, in keeping with its latest 'doctrine of preemption' the United States is clearly implementing a pre-determined agenda in pursuance of its global strategy. There cannot be any other reason why it needs to act unilaterally with undue urgency without giving peace any chance at all.

"The Communist Party, whilst condemning the US belligerence for a destructive, senseless and illegal war plunging the entire region in an unprecedented conflagration, calls upon the United Nations to move swiftly to restrain Bush's drive for war.

"It calls upon the Sri Lankan Government to take a more forthright and positive stand on this issue, expressing unequivocally the sentiments of the Sri Lankan people", the release said.