"Visit, make available expertise and invest in Sri Lanka" - Ambassador Aryasinha
BY Embassy of Sri Lanka, Brussels
Feb 9, 2011
Sri Lanka’s Ambassador to Belgium, Luxembourg and the EU Ravinatha Aryasinha has called on expatriate Sri Lankans, to visit, make available expertise and invest in Sri Lanka. Addressing the celebrations to mark the 64th anniversary of independence of Sri Lanka in Brussels, he noted that, “Sri Lanka, having overcome long years of terrorism and its after effects, had an unprecedented opportunity of ensuring economic growth, social advancement and reconciliation. While the energies of the Government and the people of Sri Lanka was focussed on ensuring the attainment of these objectives, Sri Lankan expatriates living abroad and their friends should explore how best they could contribute from a far to this endeavour”. He said they “could do so by visiting the country, making available their expertise even for short periods, and by investing in it.” He also called upon Sri Lankan expatriates and expatriate organizations “to leverage the policy in their host states in ways that favour Sri Lanka”.

The independence day celebrations in Brussels was attended by Sri Lankans living in Belgium and Luxembourg and friends of Sri Lanka who came together on 05 February 2012, at the ‘La Fannel’ auditorium in Brussels. The event organized by the Embassy and attended by over 200 persons showcased Sri Lanka's religious & cultural diversity.

The proceedings commenced with the recital of the National Anthem. Two minutes silence was observed in honour of the heroes who sacrificed their lives to preserve and protect the unity and territorial integrity of Sri Lanka.

Following the lighting of the traditional oil lamp, Ven. Nepalaye Nanda thero conducted the Buddhist religious observances, while Pundit Shukrananda Sahrma performed the Hindu prayers, Maulavi Abdul Samath performed the Islamic prayers and Rev. Fr. Claude Nonis conducted the Christian prayers.

The Independence Day messages of H.E the President, Hon. Prime Minister and Hon. Minister of External Affairs were read in Sinhala, Tamil and English respectively by the Embassy officials, which was followed by the Ambassador’s address.

A colourful cultural programme followed. Sri Lankan children living in Belgium performed traditional Sri Lankan dances, while Sri Lankans living in Luxembourg presented Sri Lankan songs. Two child musicians performed violin and piano recitals respectively. The grand finale to the programme was the coming together of Sri Lankans to sing 'Lowe Sema Ekamadeye'.

The cultural programme was followed by a lunch hosted by the Embassy of Sri Lanka.