Sri Lankans in Los Angeles gather at premier screening of Bhadraji Jayatileka’s Vehi Davasak
June 30, 2010
The Sri Lankan American community in Los Angeles recently gathered for the premier screening of a movie based on a novel by award-winning Sri Lankan novelist Bhadraji Jayatilaka, titled “Vehi Dawasak” (Rainy Day). The movie, sponsored by the Bodhi Foundation of Los Angeles, was screened at the legendary Laemle theater in Fallbrook, Los Angeles, California. Among the distinguished gathering at the premier, were senior and well-known members of the Sri Lankan community in LA, such as Dr. Walter Jayasinghe, Kalasuri Mudalinayake Somaratne, Linton Semage, Somi Ratnayake, producer of the documentary 'After the war' Buddhika Ekanayake, and Edirweera Sarathchandra’s daughter, Sunethra Sarathchandra.

Vehi Dawasak, directed and produced by Bhadraji Jayatileka, is an extraordinary story about an ordinary day’s happenings to a number of families. The story focuses on how their lives intertwine and interact with one another on a particular rainy day.

Bhadraji Jayatileka has to his credit, forty-two Sinhala books, four English books, ten serials, four short story books, nineteen translations and fourteen other fictional works.