Reflections of President Mahinda Rajapaksa: 40 years in Active Politics
Dr.Telli.C.Rajaratnam (Levins)
June 4, 2010

Colleague, Friend & Mentor
I have known Mahinda Rajapaksa as a Lawyer, Politician and friend. Through the years of our friendship and through the experience he gained through many political tidal waves and his survival to become the Leader of the Nation, inspired me tremendously and he soon became my mentor. President Mahinda Rajapaksa knows not fear. He has no doubts. He thinks very hard before he makes decisions, once made he will justify his cause with his skills of advocacy which has won over his opponents. Never in the political history of any country has so many opposition members joined and supported the President whom they once opposed.

People's President
"There go my people, I must follow them, for I am their Leader" were the words of Mahatma Gandhi practiced to the very syllable by President Mahinda Rajapaksa. That is the secret of his success. Amidst the turbulent waves of politics and the intricacies of conspiracies by vested interests- President Mahinda Rajapaksa was be re-elected as the President of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka for a second term.

Victor, Victory & The Victorious
The Victor is President Mahinda Rajapaksa, The Victory was inevitable due to the patriotic deeds of the President and the Victorious are the Nation as a whole.

Victory at War
Our Air force Pilots have returned to base. The air strikes have halted. The Naval boats have slowed their speed. The Army has slowed its pace. Aggression against innocent people by the LTTE and the Terrorists have been halted. When the President ordered our armed forces into combat as the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, he had three clear goals: to enable the Tamil people, the victims of some of the most vicious atrocities in the North due to terrorists and militant groups, to return to their homes with safety; to destroy the LTTE; and to deploy our armed Forces to protect all the people of the North. Those goals were achieved. Unnecessary conflict has been brought to a just and honorable conclusion.

Saviour of the Nation
Thousands of men, women and children driven from their lands are preparing to return home. The demands of an outraged community have been met. We have achieved a victory for a safer world, for our democratic values, and for a stronger Sri Lanka.

Nation's contribution
The sorrow experienced by the people and the tears shed by them was for patriotism. We know the pain, the anguish and we too shudder to think of the darkest hours in our history in the process of destroying the LTTE. We appreciate the countries, the local People who by sending generous assistance to the refugees and for opening their hearts and homes to the innocent victims made the task of settling the IDP's easier.

We fought and liberated the people held in hostage, what we achieved and what we have to do now to advance the peace and together with the people, forge a future of freedom, progress and harmony. This can be done only under the leadership of President Mahinda Rajapaksa

The Terrorists were the cause for Men of all ages separated from their loved ones killed and forced to join the Terrorists, children made to watch their parents die; a whole people forced to abandon in hours communities their families had spent generations building.

Settlement of IDP's
The IDP's could barely talk about what they had been through. All they had left was hope that the world would not turn its back. The President was deeply moved by them. The President has settled a large number of IDP's he has provided housing, shelter, healthcare, education and sustenance. Moreover, by his personal visit he has touched their hearts and in turn they have touched his by their appreciation.

Liberation of a Nation
When our diplomatic efforts to avert this horror with the LTTE were rebuffed, and the violence mounted, the President took affirmative action. Now the people are free, the roads that were closed for years have opened, the people have been liberated.

Freedom in the North
The schools have been re-opened, they have freedom to shape their destiny. No more nights of hiding in bunkers cellars, wondering if the next day will bring death or deliverance.

Unitary State
Now, all communities must join hands in unity and assist President Mahinda Rajapaksa to continue the development work.

Stability of Leadership
Finally, we have averted the wider war this conflict might well have sparked. Now, we're entering a new phase - building that peace - and there are formidable challenges, the foremost amongst them is the stability of Leadership and the Government.

IDP and the Militant exploitation
We must get the refugees home safely. Minefields will have to be cleared. Homes destroyed by the war will have to be rebuilt. Homeless people in need of food and medicine have been assisted and day in and day out they are gradually settled. The fate of the missing will have to be determined. But this next phase also will be dangerous. Bitter memories will still be fresh, we have to prevent vested interests from exploiting the situation by mud slinging campaigns perpetrated by the opposition and its allies whilst still be cautious of those amongst us who may betray especially the Terrorists groups whose survival was dependant on the survival of the LTTE.

Saviour of the Nation & the Destruction of Tamil Militancy

When President Rajapaksa addresses the Tamil people directly, he has been and will be acknowledged by the people. All the Tamil groups and parties with blood in their hands cannot convince the Tamil people. The Tamil people have now learnt by their mistakes and misunderstanding that the democratically elected President Mahinda Rajapaksa is their only salvation. But the Tamil militants should be unarmed and their militant identities destroyed.

We must build and develop our country. For that to happen, the European Union must plan for tomorrow, not just today. Our friends the United States, China, India and the United Kingdom must assist us in our endeavour. They must provide most of the resources for this effort, but it is in Sri Lanka's interest to do our part as well.

We must pave a path to a prosperous shared future, a unifying magnet more powerful than the pull of hatred and destruction that has threatened to tear us apart.

Tolerance & Freedom
President Mahinda Rajapaksa represents tolerance and freedom, not repression and terror. As such every individual or group which transgresses these ideals should be dealt with by the Laws of the land.

President & The Nation
We have sent a message of determination and hope to all the world. Think of all the millions of innocent people who died in this bloody century because democracies reacted too late to evil and aggression.

Because of our resolve, the past is gone not with helpless indignation, but with a hopeful affirmation of human dignity and human rights for the 2010. In a world too divided by fear among people of different racial, ethnic and religious groups, we have given confidence to the friends of freedom and pause to those who would exploit human difference for inhuman purposes.

Sri Lanka still faces great challenges in this world, but we look forward to meeting them. We can successfully maintain the territorial integrity of Sri Lanka now that we have re-elected President Mahinda Rajapaksa. We must stand united as Patriots of Sri Lanka to support and defend the saviour of the Nation, President Mahinda Rajapaksa

President Rajapaksa has been a athlete during his day and later played a key role as a President of the national bodies for athletics and elle. As the President of the Athletic Association of Sri Lanka (AASL) in 1997, the President played a key role to have star sprinter Susanthika Jayasinghe exonerated of the charges.

The revival of Sri Lanka athletics, which ultimately gave Sri Lanka an Olympic medal after 52 years (in 2000 Sydney Games) began when President Rajapaksa was heading the local athletic governing body. The First Lady, Madam Shiranthi Rajapaksa had served as a President of the Netball Federation of Sri Lanka. She made an immense contribution towards the promotion of netball.

Their three sons - Namal, Yoshitha and Rohitha, excelled in rugby football. All three went on to lead S.Thomas' College, Mt. Lavinia.In fact, the three played in the same team - the 'pack', for S.Thomas' College 1st XV team in 2005, which could well be a record.. The eldest of the three, Namal - the founder President of Tharunyata Hetak Youth Movement, went on to captain Sri Lanka Under-19 team with distinction and now is a Member of Parliament and the Private Secretary to President Mahinda Rajapaksa while his younger brothers too went on to represent Sri Lanka Youth team.

Art & Cinema
President Mahinda Rajapaksa is the only Leader who has contributed to Arts, Culture and Cinema by establishing a Cinema City in Hambantota. Several film industrialists have expressed their interests to have their film locations in Sri Lanka after the establishment of the Cinema city.

Mahinda Chinthana
The Mahinda Chinthana would strengthen the domestic economy, domestic identity and a new value to national wealth.

Economic Development
Despite the country facing internal and external shocks President Mahinda Rajapaksa has been able to steer the country to greater heights due to his foresight. This has helped the country to maintain a growth rate of 6.5 cent, despite many internal and external shocks which includes floods, protracted war, escalating oil price and the global financial crisis. The election manifesto of the UPFA Government Mahinda Chintana is a medium term plan and the benefits can be reaped by everybody in the medium term roads, railway or in rural development. It laid much emphasis on the rural masses as there was a regional imbalance. With the able leadership of Basil Rajapaksa as the Minister for Economic Development, it is trite learning that the economy is developing at rapid pace.