The French in Sri Lanka are denied access to a flight to Paris
Apr 24, 2010
A group of French ending a tour in Sri Lanka and provided with airline tickets for a flight to Paris on Tuesday was not permitted to take on Qatar Airways, claiming that their correspondence was uncertain, testified Friday that one of Tourists stranded in Colombo.

"We had tickets from Colombo to Paris via Doha on Tuesday night. But we were refused registration on the grounds that the Doha-Paris flight was not safe to leave. But the theft has occurred and we are now proposing From the May 4th! "railed Véronique Magnier, interviewed by telephone by AFP.

The 14 French tourists had just finished a one week tour of Sri Lanka, organized by agencies and Antipodes Cap Universe.

"Since Tuesday, we're in a hotel that we had to find our own means and pay our own way. The local agency and the embassy have failed us," said Véronique Magnier, whose companion, diabetic risk running out of insulin within a few days, she said.

The Agency of Sri Lanka has also made them pay for the bus bringing them to the airport to the hotel, "the last straw," she said. The hotel room they deserve every day to 4,500 rupees (30 euros).

"As we were ticketed for Tuesday, we should be given priority over other tourists stranded in Colombo because of canceled flights earlier said that French, headteacher at Vic Fezensac (Gers).

Another pair of French tourists in the same situation as the group, she said. It is also a break-in the hotel room rented, losing money and paper.

Qatar Airways, which has an office in Colombo, they first proposed a flight on May 2, before advancing to this Friday on their insistence. But on Thursday, the company recanted, delaying their departure date to May 4th

To be able to leave Sri Lanka before that date, the company, which offered no compensation, they suggested to Colombo Doha-Rome and finished at their expense, by a flight from Rome to Paris. One option angrily rejected by the group.

The Antipodes agency, contacted by a group comprising 10 year old girl and one heart, he hopes to join "a senior member of Qatar Airways to negotiate a flight on Monday, she said.

"It seems to be twirling and being completely left to our own," she testified.