Book Review: Heart Chakra
Apr 9, 2010
Heart Chakra – Political/Romantic novel, 429 pages, English, Published by Lulu Marketplace
Authors: Pramod Kandanarachchi & Sam Dissanayake
ISBN 978-0-557-36095-6

Heart Chakra is a chronicle of contemporary Sri Lanka – a country that witnessed thirty years of bloodbath, sorrow and uncertainty because of the brutal war between the State and LTTE. This work of fiction – written in an uncomplicated mode – is a simple story of one man and his pursuit of happiness. His twenty year journey from the mountain citadel of Kandy, a charming city in Sri Lanka, to the multicultural enclave of Toronto, takes him through love, spirituality and terror – three entities that may not usually act in concert. This novel makes diametrically opposite characters cross paths, whose lives are intertwined mainly through deception and savagery – still it is written with the potential of love and compassion in human heart kept alive – so, the book is named ‘Heart Chakra’.

This tale is told in the hope that the perspective he gained would inspire your heart too and contribute to the reconciliation among Sinhalese and Tamils.

This 429 page Political/Romantic novel by two Sri Lankan authors, Pramod Kandanarachchi and Sampath (Sam) Dissanayake is full of mystique and thrill that sometimes laughs at and other times cries with shortcomings of human nature. Heart Chakra does its magic to keep the reader in suspense while inspiring them to dig deeper into the ever present spirituality of human mind.

Heart Chakra is available globally as a paperback or an e-book at It will soon be sold at Barnes&, and Brick and Mortar book-stores (search terms: heart chakra, Pramod Kandanarachchi).

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