'What has President`s political experience he boasts of done for the country?'
Apr 1, 2010

Addressing a media conference at the UNP media unit yesterday (31), UNP Gamapaha District candidate Upeksha Swarnamali asked, what contribution the President has done to the country’s progress or people’s happiness? Of what purpose is his long political experience he boasts of when he has been able to achieve nothing for the people or country’s benefit? she pointed out.

When she was questioned by the media on why she entered politics, a field in which she has no experience, instead of pursuing her acting career which is a more familiar occupation, she replied, having taken part in many discussions held by the media and intellectuals, she realized that the country is hurtling down a precipice, and with so much evil and poison pervading the atmosphere of this present governance, an irretrievable disaster is awaiting the country. Given the manner in which the last elections and the election processes were held , it is becoming increasingly clear that there is a concerted effort by those in power to distort truth, destroy Democracy, suppress media and stifle opposition in order for it to ride roughshod on people’s problems .and perpetuate itself in power at people’s expense.

Hence, she felt she must make her own contribution to stem this disaster and create a political culture of truthfulness, selflessness and respect for people’s rights and freedom. In the present context, the rulers are only craving for fulfillment of their selfish desires after winning elections on promises of serving the people. This trend must be changed, and that is why I entered politics, she explained.

I began to look around and found, the villages are neglected, joblessness is on the rise because of the Govt.’s mismanagement, people are in destitution because of Govt.’ fiscal bungling. While this is the abysmal situation in the country , the rulers are wasting all their time and money only to win elections , she pointed out.

At least this time the people should use their franchise intelligently, she added.

Courtesy: UNP Media