Maithripala among JVP nominees for premiership
Apr 1, 2010

A book called ‘Aththai Saththai’ reveals CBK calling for meeting with Maithripala, Kadirgamar and Balapatabendi to discuss Tilvin’s letter

A recently launched book tiled Aththai Saththai on the political life of SLFP General Secretary Maithripala Sirisena has revealed a JVP move to have him appointed as the Prime Minister of the UPFA government after the last parliamentary election in April 2004.

According to a letter written by JVP General Secretary Tilvin Silva, reproduced by the author, the JVP had said that Sisisena was acceptable to it if an agreement could not be reached on the appointment of either Lakshman Kadirgamar or Anura Bandaranaike as the Prime Minister.

Minister Sirisena yesterday distributed copies of the book among the journalists covering an SLFP media conference at the Mahaweli Centre.

Responding to a media query, a smiling Minister said that the then President had called him to attend a hastily arranged meeting at Temple Trees to discuss the appointment of the Prime Minister and the Cabinet. As Minister Sisisena had been at Polonnaruwa at that time, President Kumaratunga had made available an SLAF helicopter for him to come to Colombo.

Minister Sirisena said that the President, in the presence of Kadirgamar and Kusumsiri Balapatabendi, the then Secretary to the President, had handed over Tilvin Silva’s letter. He told the media conference that after reading the letter, he had said that the people wanted Mahinda Rajapaksa to be the Prime Minister and the SLFP should go ahead with the appointment, though the JVP opposed Mahinda.

Minister Sirisena declined to discuss the possibility of him being the Prime Minister of the next government. Asked whether he would accept an invitation to take over the premiership, though he had declined a previous offer. The SLFP was a democratic party and a decision would be taken by the President in that regard, he said.

Courtesy: Island