General’s condition deteriorating – not referred to specialist doctor despite court order – Anoma Fonseka
Mar 31, 2010
Despite Gen. Sarath Fonseka’s health condition deteriorating rapidly, he has not been referred to a specialist doctor says Ms. Anoma Fonseka. She said this at a press conference held at her residence.

Speaking further Ms., Fonseka said, “I visited the General today morning. No specialist doctor has seen him yet. The Judiciary had given permission for such an examination by a specialst doctor. However, this has not been done due to an unseen force preventing it.

The Army spokesman and state media state he has been provided with all facilities and he was seen by a specialist doctor. All these are lies. The Army spokesman speaking to ‘Lakbima’ has said General was shown to a specialist doctor. It is a blatant lie. He had said I too had been present there. This too is a lie.

There are shrapnel in his chest that entered when he was targeted by a LTTE suicide bomber. This has been told by the doctors. They had also said due to this condition he needs a lot of fresh air. As such, he is different from an ordinary prisoner. The Ministers of the government talked very emotionally regarding a request for air conditioning. However, doctors say he needs that. He is a very special prisoner. They say specialist doctors of the SL Navy examined him. This never happened. At present he is having difficulty in breathing. He uses two inhalers. However, specialist doctors have said he needs exercise. I requested fresh air for him. In response they have removed the planks that had been fixed to the windows in his room and then fixed a wire mesh. This is not sufficient. For, there is a tall parapet wall on the other side of the windows and very little fresh air comes from that direction.

I request that media personnel should be allowed to go in so that they could see the truth. I ask them to allow immediate family members to visit him. The Supreme Court has allowed it. However, due to a force that is above the Supreme Court, has prevented this. He is given to read only newspapers of the government. They expect to bring down his mental state by doing it. However, he is steadfast in his stand. He would never give up his stance. He is not such a person. All these people are in these positions today thanks to him. We have made international human rights institutions aware regarding the present situation. We believe that they would respond favourably.

Speaking further Ms. Fonseka emphasized the General should be referred to a specialist doctor as his condition is becoming worse. She also appealed to the people of Sri Lanka to come forward to save the hero who liberated the Motherland by finishing the 30 year old cursed war.

Courtesy: Lanka Truth