Previous governments erased country’s history - President
Mar 30, 2010
President Mahinda Rajapaksa yesterday said that previous governments of the country had erased the history of the country.

“History was removed from school curriculum; as a result, the present generation does not know our history. But, when someone wants to go abroad, he/she learns the history of that country and even sits for examinations too,” he said declaring open a new library in Netolpitiya.

“The level of knowledge of history of our country is unbelievably low. Some pretend as if they were the patriots but in fact they represent Western countries. They appreciate and value the histories of those countries, not our own,” President Rajapaksa addressing a gathering said.

He said that the children should be taught the country’s history. He pointed out that knowledge was something that couldn’t be robbed.

“If we spend more time with newspapers, books, we do not have to go behind politicians or wait in queues. We must have good understanding about the development in the country, How to build our economy.”

“We have made our farmers stronger. We get loans to develop our country, and we use those to develop the country and not to buy food. The food needs of the people are now the responsibility of the farmers. We have provided the necessary facilities for them. All these are done for the future generations of our country. Our sons and daughters should know about what we do. For that, libraries like these can be used.”

“We must get rid of poverty right away.

“In Hambantota District, poverty has been eradicated very fast. In the same manner, other areas of the country will also be developed. We are building what your children would need in the future. When the country is being built in this manner, the development shall not be an impossible thing,” the President added.

Courtesy: Daily Mirror