UNP thugs set fire to Jaffna library - Minister Ranawaka
by Sandasen MARASINGHE
Mar 29, 2010
Environmental and Natural Resources Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka yesterday demanded the UNP not to put the blame of the LTTE crimes and the UNP's wrong political decisions on the innocent Sinhala and Tamil People.

Referring to a statement made by the opposition that the Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim communities were responsible for Jaffna Library arson, Black July incidents and other crimes etc. Minister Ranawaka emphatically stated that the innocent Tamil, Sinhala and Muslim people had no involvement in those incidents.

He emphasized that the Jaffna Library was set on fire during the UNP regime and it was not by innocent ordinary Sinhala people but by the UNP thugs transported in trains. On these grounds the innocent Sinhala people were not responsible for those crimes but the UNP.

Minister Ranawaka further said that the UNP handed over an area to the LTTE through an MoU . The innocent ordinary Tamil people were not responsible for the crimes committed by the LTTE. The UNP is partially responsible for them.

The Minister demanded the UNP not to create hostilities between the Tamils and Sinhala people and queried as to whether there was a bomb explosion after May 19 last year since the elimination of terrorism. No deaths were reported due to terrorist attacks since May 19, 2009 and all communities are living in peace and brotherhood.

Courtesy: Daily News