'Govt. has changed the song, tune & the singer'
Mar 29, 2010
The 2/3rd majority for a constitutional change which was the main slogan of the government has been withdrawn by the government says General Secretary of the JVP Tilvin Silva. Speaking at a press conference held at the head office of the JVP today (29th) Mr. Silva said the government has changed not only the song about the 2/3rd majority but the singer as well.

He said during the election campaign all the ministers of the government asked for a 2/3rd majority from the people to constitutional change. They talked about a 2/3rd majority even before the election was announced. However, Champika Ranawaka, a minister of the government yesterday said bringing in a new constitution is not the priority but what was necessary was to add new details to the present constitution.

The General Secretary of the JVP said, “The government has changed its song. It has changed not only the song but the tune as well as the singers. It indicates they have already cast away their dream of getting 2/3rd majority even before the election. In such a situation we have doubts whether the constitution they say they would bring if they come to power is the same one Chandrika tried to bring in. It includes extending the tenure of the President. The intention of the present President is to get his period of rule extended.

Hence, the intention of bringing a new constitution is to continue with the family rule of the Rajapakses and not to bring in a new constitution. The existing constitution is quite adequate to establish democracy and provide relief to people. However, this government would never fulfill such aspirations of the masses.

A few days ago the Indian Foreign Secretary visited Sri Lanka. During her visit they had discussions regarding several crises. The President had talked regarding a solution for the national question that went beyond the 13th amendment. This is the basis for the talk about the new constitution. At the moment this has been concealed to put forward patriotism to help those who contest the election as the truth would be harmful to the government.

Champika Ranawaka who says that 17th amendment should be implemented is the only person who opposed when the proposal for the 17th amendment was brought up in the Parliament. The envoys who went begging to European Commission to get back GSP+ have been told that 17th amendment should be implemented. This is the reason for the change in the attitude of the government.

The government says the 17th amendment would be im[lementd after the election. The need for the 17th amendment is for the election. It is not necessary after the election. What is being done is to get power illegally and carry out amendments to the constitution to establish their power and rule.”

Mr. Duminda Nagamuwa, Central Committee Member of the JVP too participated.

Courtesy: Lanka Truth