No truth in Fonseka’s deteriorating health claim – Army
By Hiruni Gunawardana
Mar 28, 2010
The recent assertion of Anoma Fonseka regarding her husband’s deteriorating health had triggered claims of inadequate medical facilities and bad ventilation, but, the army spokesman says that a special Navy doctor has been appointed for 24 hour consultation.

Major General Prasad Samarasingha said that Mrs. Fonseka’s claim is not correct. He stated further, that the special Navy doctor appointed for 24 hour consultation had not reported any illness, and neither has Sarath Fonseka consulted them for any ailment.

“We have provided him with instant medical services and special medical care is within his reach. The special Navy Doctor appointed for Sarath Fonseka’s personal medical needs has not reported such an illness (as claimed by Anoma Fonseka) nor has he (Fonseka) requested for any medical attention.” The Major General further stated that all the claims are fabricated to suit the current political situation.

Mrs. Anoma Fonseka had disclosed that her husband is suffering from a severe cough and a possible threat of Bronchitis which could also affect his lungs, weakened due to the 2006 suicide bomb attack which had affected his pulmonary system.

When asked about reported lack of ventilation, the Major General stated that Sarath Fonseka has been provided with the best facilities that could be available. “Although he hasn’t been provided with air-condition facilities, he has two spacious rooms, a bathroom, a visitors’ room and also a veranda. If he was imprisoned in Welikada, none of these facilities would have been provided.” He further spoke on the alleged safety concerns regarding Sarath Fonseka’s meals. “Although he insists food is brought to him for lunch and dinner by a trusted party from outside, he feels confident to have his breakfast made to order by the Navy cook ---- whatever he fancies,” Samarasingha said.

Courtesy: Lakbima