Appeal Court criticizes military tribunal trying Gen. Fonseka
Mar 26, 2010
The Court of Appeal has strongly criticized the three senior Army officers appointed to the military tribunals trying Gen. Sarath Fonseka.

The court was yesterday (Mar. 25) taking up two habeas corpus applications petitions filed on behalf of Gen. Fonseka by his wife Anoma Fonseka, against the two military tribunals.

The former Army commander and chief-of-defence staff is presently being detained at the Navy headquarters in Colombo.

He is facing charges of involvement in politics while in uniform and violating procedures in procurements for the Army.

Presidentís counsel Romesh de Silva pointed out the objections to the tribunals were considered and rejected, without citing any reason, by the members of the tribunals themselves.

Further, the General has not been arrested under military law, he noted, adding that he was no longer a military officer by July 2009.

Attorney general Mohan Peiris raised objections, claiming the Court of Appeal could not take up the two petition, as the same issues were presently being heard in separate petitions in the Supreme Court.

A three-member panel headed by president of the Court of Appeal Sathya Hettige and justices W.R.L. Ranjith Silva and Anil Gunaratne considered the two petitions.

Further hearings have been postponed until March 30.

Courtesy: Colombo Today