'Ministers lacking humanness make fun of General’s health condition'
Mar 24, 2010
The ministers who have never known what humaneness is have come down to the level of brutes to make fun of the request made on behalf of Gen. Sarath Fonseka who was nearly killed thrice fighting the war against tiger terrorism said General Secretary of DNA Vijithe Herath.

Speaking at a press conference held in Colombo yesterday (23rd) Mr. Herath said, “Gen. Sarath Fonseka nearly died thrice for the sake of the country. There are still shrapnel in his body. While addressing political meetings during the presidential election he developed a cough. That was due to damage caused to his lungs in the suicide bomb blast carried out targeting him.

However, brutish ministers, who have no sense of humaneness, come out with atrocious stories regarding his health condition. These sadists made fun of the minimum facilities requested by doctors. They ridiculed such requests. Now Dulles Alahapperuma is making fun of a talk about air conditioning. We know that Dulles Allahapperuma’s humanness has ‘gone aboard a ship from Colombo harbor.’ Dulles Alahapperuma is the best example for the humanness that left the island from Colombo Harbour.

All these ministers have lost their humanness to ridicule the request for fresh air for the General who liberated the Nation and the Motherland. Such brutes can come down to any low level to maintain their power base and to deceive the people to be in power.”

Courtesy: Lanka Truth