'Politics must be free of cursing and insults'
By J.A.L.Jayasinghe
Mar 24, 2010
The Mahanayake of Asigiri Chapter Venerable Udugama Sri Buddharakkhitha Thera yesterday said the country needs a violence free political culture, which would bring benefits to the country and its people.

“What we need is a violence-free political culture. We do not need biased politics. Our desire is to see a political system that can bring about benefits to the country and the people,” the Thera said.

The Mahanayake Thera made these comments when Ms. Anoma Fonseka, the wife of General Sarath Fonseka visited him yesterday in Kandy.

The Mahanayake Thera added after entering politics a person would have to face a variety of problems and expectations would be realized only by facing obstacles with patience.

“if anyone wishes to serve the people they have to go forward with patience. We do not approve the kind of politics that makes people throw mud at each other. Throwing mud will not help anyone to succeed.

“We approve only those involved in gentlemanly politics. All must be prepared to do politics free of insulting and cursing others. “Causing destruction to buildings and property cannot be condoned by us. When problems arise, we should solve them through dialogue alone and not by force or harassment. One should be prepared to listen to criticism also” he said.

The Mahanayake Thera blessed Ms. Anoma Fonseka and the group and blessed the hopes and expectations of the Democratic National Alliance.

The party’s manifesto was also presented to the Mahanayake Thera. The group visited the Temple of the Tooth Relic- Sri Dalada Maligawa to offer flowers and receive blessings.

Courtesy: Daily Mirror