Akon humiliated Lord Buddha & The Buddhists: Don't let this vulgar performer step into Sri Lanka
by Ruwani Lakmali Karunadasa
Mar 23, 2010
Your Excellency;
Akon has to be stopped at any cost. He should not set foot on this soil. This is a predominantly Buddhist country. Why are we losing our balance? What kind of Tourism Promotion is this?

A browse through the internet would prove Akon's vulgar music videos, with explicit sex material, sensual and seductive women dancing around him almost naked. Akon frequently uses Buddha's statues for reasons best known to him. He is a convict.

People are becoming more racists now than before there is no religious tolerance.

His entry into this country would certainly divert the Buddhists against this Government. Unless the Government announces its decision that he will not be allowed to perform here there would be a tremendous uprising.

It is your duty to protect the tenets of Buddhism. Don't invite the curse of Buddhism into this country.

May the Triple Gem Bless You.