Only one member refuses March pay
Mar 22, 2010
Despite a request by a government Minister not to accept the March salary for attending Parliamentary sittings on March 9 for the Emergency Debate, Parliament sources said, only one member has refused his monthly salary so far.

“Normally, payments are made on either 26 th or 27th of every month and arrangements are already underway to make the payments for this month. As of last Friday, only Urban Development Minister and Leader of Mahajana Eksath Peramuna Dinesh Gunawardana, has informed the Financial Division that he does not want to be paid,” he added.

Ironically, Labour Minister Mervyn Silva, who requested that all Parliamentarians should abstain from taking this month’s salary as the House met only for a single day, has so far failed to adhere to his own request.

When contacted, Minister Gunawardana said since the dissolved Parliament sat only once for a special case, he thinks that it was not ethical to draw the entire month’s salary.

“It was for a special purpose of extending the state of emergency and as Parliamentarians of already dissolved Parliament I do not think we should take the privilege of a monthly salary,” he added.

Meanwhile, the JVP said they have no intentions of refusing a monthly salary, if arrangements were already underway to pay it.

Courtesy: Nation