Politicos sabotage country’s largest heroin bust
Mar 21, 2010
The investigations into the largest stock of heroine, 70 Kg , recovered in Sri Lanka have been scuttled as a result of political influence.

It’s as a result of a coordinating secretary to the minister, Jude Tissera, being apprehended with the stock of heroin.

The police arrested the suspect at the airport while he was trying to flee the country. Later 40 Kgs of heroin were discovered on information he revealed to the interrogators.

On media reports concerning the matter, the minister had complained to a top notch politician that it was he who tipped off the police to arrest Jude Tissera and that it was false that police apprehended the person with the stock of heroin.

Accordingly, the said politician has reprimanded the senior police officials instead of praising them for their work.

Police have given up the investigations now due to interference.

However, the police have been forced to say that Jude Tissera was not the minister’s coordinating secretary. This is to save the minister from public embarassment especially in view of upcoming elections. Already posters have begun appearing all over Puttalam depicting the “kudu minister’.

Courtesy: Lakbima