IGP does the baby act at party secretaries meeting with EC
Mar 20, 2010
During the discussion held at the office of the Commissioner of Elections between the Commissioner and the Secretaries of political parties contesting the general election regarding removal of illegal cutouts, the IGP had said the police could not do so as certain individuals stare at them when they try to remove such cutouts.

When party secretaries asked him what action had the police taken regarding such individuals the IGP had said none of the officers who had been threatened had made any complaints and as a result the police could not take any action.

It is not clear whether the IGP indicates by his answers the impotency of the police service in Sri Lanka or its partiality towards the government party that is contesting the election. The most number of illegal cutouts are found near, opposite or around police stations. The best example is at Matara Police.

It would not be long when Sri Lanka police states they could not apprehend criminals as they were armed, the rapists were not arrested as they stared at them and murderers were not apprehended as they thought they would murder them.

Courtesy: Lanka Truth