The arrogant government begs GSP from EC
Mar 19, 2010
The government of Sri Lanka that bragged in Sinhalese that it would never go begging behind the European Commission to ask for GSP has now asked the European Commission what they should do to get back GSP+ relief. This was revealed at the press briefing held yesterday (18th) to announce cabinet decisions.

Minister G.L. Peiris speaking at the press briefing said, A discussion was held between the group of representatives of our government and officials of the European Commission in Brussels on Monday. At the discussion our government asked what we should do to get back the GSP+. This round of discussions our representatives initiated on Monday to get back GSP+ was concluded. However, these discussions would continue, he said.

The GSP+ relief had been given to Sri Lanka to export 7200 items including garments to the market of 27 countries belonging to the European Union. However, the European Commission decided to halt this relief recently due to human rights and labour violations prevailing in Sri Lanka.

Courtesy: Lanka Truth