JHU lashes out at UN
by Lal Gunasekera
Mar 19, 2010
The JHU yesterday said the UNwould not be allowed to interfere with Sri Lanka’s internal affairs or to undermine her sovereignty.

Environment Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka, addressing a Jathika Hela Urumaya press briefing at the National Library Services Board Auditorium, said: "UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon will not be permitted to interfere in Sri Lanka’s sovereignty. We condemn his action to appoint a panel of experts to advise him on accountability in the post war period. Moon is even going against the majority of the Non-Aligned Movement countries in the UN up in arms against this move. He has not even received approval from the Security Council for this unacceptable and mischievous act."

Ranawaka said that after the security forces had defeated the LTTE terrorists on May 18 last year (2009), there were many international and local conspiracies to tamper with Sri Lanka’s sovereignty on the pretext of promoting human rights etc. He said: "Just as Prabhakaran was to be defeated, the international community led by Britain, France, USA, Norway and even the UN tried their utmost to persuade the Mahinda Rajapaksa-led government to allow Prabhakaran and 40 other LTTE terrorists to surrender and even permit them to be flown out of the country.

"Now the international community and the Tamil Diaspora are trying to intervene in the internal affairs of this country through the UN. We will not permit this. The UN Secretary General says that he will not infringe on Sri Lanka’s sovereignty. If this is not interference, what is it?"

Minister Ranawaka said the present Labour Party Government in Britain under Prime Minister Gordon Brown was facing defeat at the May 6 elections and an opinion poll indicated that Cameroon of The Conservative Party was leading by 39 per cent as opposed to Labour’s 37.

The Labour Party is certain of defeat and now attempting to win over 40,000 LTTEsympathisers to vote for Labour on May 6. However, the Labour party would lose for sure, the Minister said. "We have faced international conspiracies successfully in the past and will do so now and in the future. We will take appropriate action against UN Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon’s decision to send a panel of experts to Colombo led by Lynn Pascoe, the Under Secretary-General (Political Affairs) of the UN," he said.

He requested all SriLankans to unite and vote for the UPFA as a mark of protest against international conspirators.

Courtesy: Island