'No one can stop General entering Parliament'
Mar 17, 2010
For the first time in Sri Lanka a leader of a political movement is contesting an election while being imprisoned and no one would be able to stop Gen. Sarath Fonseka entering Parliament even if he is locked up in a camp of security forces said General Secretary of the JVP Tilvin Silva.

Speaking at an election rally of the Democratic National Alliance (DNA) held at Samanala Park in Galle on the 15th Mr. Tilvin Silva said, “Gen. Fonseka has been imprisoned. When he was arrested some who were with him at the presidential election left him. We, as people who have a sense of gratitude, created Democratic National Alliance with the support of political leaders and political parties that know what gratitude is. We are contesting the general election under the leadership of Gen. Sarath Fonseka who is being imprisoned. Despite being imprisoned in a camp of security forces, no one could stop his path to the Parliament.

This is the first time in this country that a leader is contesting an election while being imprisoned. We present the ‘Trophy’ of victory to the people in the country on 8th April. We celebrate Sinhalese and Tamil New Year this time after getting Gen. Sarath Fonseka, who gave the country the military victory, released from the prison.

They talk about making Sri Lanka the pride of Asia. However, by imprisoning the most remarkable individual in Asia they are making this island the most disgraceful country in Asia. Do our womenfolk have the jewellery with them now? No, most of them are at the pawn shop. Our people should take an intelligent decision on 8th April to prevent this country being made the disgrace in Asia.”

Ms. Anoma Fonseka, Chandrasena Wijesinghe, Riter tillekeratne, Ajith Kumara, Nalin Hewage and candidates of the DNA for Galle District also addressed the rally.

Courtesy: Lanka Truth