People’s joy a blessing to defeat conspiracies against nation - President
Mar 17, 2010
The joy experienced by people who visit Nagadeepa and Nallur Kovil will be a blessing for us to defeat conspiracies and false allegations against the nation, stated President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

At present, hundreds and thousands of people go on pilgrimage to Nagadeepa. When they return, they tell us that they never though it possible to make this journey. Not only Nagadeepa, our Tamil brothers in Colombo tell us the same thing when they come back from Nallur Kovil.

President Rajapaksa made these statements after unveiling the pinnacle of the newly constructed cetiya at Sri Anandaramaya in Maha Heenatiyangala village in Kalutara South yesterday (March 16).

This cetiya was constructed in a very short period of 90 days.

This is the message we need to give the world. We were labeled as a lazy community. Those who went behind imperialists did not make any effort to remove this label. Instead, they promoted it, the President further stated.

Our development policies were not formulated setting infrastructure development as the main priority. We gave priority to moral values as well. This is because we are building this country for our future generation to live in peace. We are not ready to show just the buildings as proof of development, President Rajapaksa added.

We consider a country to be developed when its people respect their parents and elders, practice their religion, do not attack each other and live in peace and harmony with all communities, he stressed adding that the government does not work for the country considering political allegiances.

We achieved a huge victory by freeing this nation of terrorism. This was achieved due to the discipline and patience taught to us by our religion. This victory thus has a historic past, he said further.

We have never been a society which suppressed one another but a society which values peace and harmony. Let us all join to rebuild this peace and live as one nation, President Rajapaksa stressed.

Courtesy: GDI